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    The Free version of my e-book.

    Reversing Type2Diabetes – The Truth. My Truth.

  • Chapter One.

    The beginning – always a good place to start.


    Why would someone – with no medical background and to be honest for 40 years no real medical interest. Suddenly write a book about how to reverse one of the biggest medical conditions and problems of our time. Surely what would make them qualified to do so. My reversing my Type2Diabetes was purely by luck. You see I got diagnosed with Type2Diabtes completely by accident.


    I didn’t know I had it. I got diagnosed almost by mistake. As I was looking into something for me that was much more serious. Dementia.


    Something that robbed me someone very dear to me when I was young. And something that I feared had taken away my memory or access to it – late the year before. But this book isn’t about that.


    Even though there is an established link between Type 2 Diabetes and Dementia. Which we will talk about later. And my future might be more about that than even I want to think about i.e. the damage might already be done. Which is why I was so determined to reverse the condition.


    This book is about my journey.


    Which started even before I was diagnosed. As a tech geek I had already read about the pioneering work of Professor Taylor. So, I knew that was what I was going to do. Even if the percentage of chance was small. I would do it. I would reverse my Type2Diabetes.


    Little did I know that the percentage of chance is actually very high. And it has very little to do with chance or luck. However, going on a TV show about it. And then being able to start a non for profit to help people reverse Type2Diabetes. HAS chance written on all over.


    For me, getting diagnosed by chance was lucky. But the timing was seriously ironic. Getting diagnosed as I did. Just in time for Halloween with a 7-year-old in tow. As Halloween (especially for those of us with children) seems to be a celebration of both fear and sugar. Maybe with a humorous edge. However, diabetes (no matter what type) is not funny. Nothing cute. Whilst it's a problem as pure as sugar. And just as evil...


    With a result that can horrify you.


    The 7 deadly things that happen if you don't take Diabetes seriously.

    • Your cholesterol and blood pressure rise. Perhaps not that scary but...
    • Your vision fades. You could go blind.
    • Your kidneys fail. You can die.
    • Your nerves fray.
    • You may lose a foot. Or even a leg! In the USA - people with diabetes undergo about 73,000 lower-limb amputations per year. And about
    • You're prone to a major cardiac event. If fact, it DOUBLES your risk.
    • Your life shortens. By about 20 years or more on average. And if diagnosed at 40 with it. Then you might not have - as long as - you think.

    As fear was a great motivator (for me.) So, as I said in my blog about it at the time. “I now HAVE to do” what I have been meaning to do for years.

    • I must lose weight
    • I must exercise more
    • I must cut out ALL sugars

    So even before going to the doctors a second time. The first being my diagnosis. I knew from researching on the internet and reading the work of Professor Roy Taylor. That I could and would reverse Type2Diabetes. I just didn’t know how yet.


    I also didn’t know what a HUGE problem Type2Diabetes is in the world.

    What about YOU and the rest of the UK?

    Most people would be shocked to know that around 22,000 people with diabetes die early every year. Type 2 diabetes is a leading cause of preventable sight loss in people of working age. And is a major contributor to kidney failure, heart attack, and stroke.


    There are currently 3.4 million people reported with Type 2 diabetes in England. With unreported cases maybe taking this up to 4 million. And around 200,000 new diagnoses of the condition every year. While Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented. And is not linked to lifestyle. Type 2 diabetes is largely preventable through lifestyle changes.


    One in six of all people in hospital have diabetes. Whilst diabetes is often not the reason for their admission. They often need a longer stay in hospital, are more likely to be re admitted and their risk of dying is higher.


    As well as the human cost, Type 2 diabetes treatment accounts for just around 10 – 12 per cent of the annual NHS budget.


    This is around £10 billion a year. And this is not including the complications from the condition as then the cost could be up to £20 billion a year.


    Did you know as well that there are currently five million people in England at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes?


    If these trends persist, one in three people will be obese by 2034 and one in 10 will develop Type 2 diabetes.


    Yet according to www.diabetes.org.uk - the UK largest charity dealing with the epidemic...


    "At this time there is no known cure for Diabetes..."


    They must be talking about Type 1 ONLY. Or have a strange vested interest to not help some people with the condition reverse it. As I know this isn’t true for me. And for many other people. As my own experience and a HUGE amount of proven medical research out there shows.


    You can REVERSE Type 2 Diabetes. It is NOT a chronic disease!


    We would save the NHS a fortune! Which surely, even for selfish reasons, is a good idea. We can, we should, we will save the NHS - by re-educating people about the cure for Type 2 Diabetes.


    As soon as I realised this. I started a petition to try to change how we teach our next generation of young people about diabetes type 2. You will have signed it I am sure. But if not here’s the link.




    And again, I was lucky. Not only in being on the BBC to review them from a tech POV (as one of my jobs) but that one of the stories was about Diabetes. And I could link everything together and promote www.Type2Diabetesfree.com and the petition.


    From it we got our first 100 signups. And from that I knew what I wanted to do.


    I wanted to start an organisation. That would help people learn how to reverse Type2Diabetes.


    Yet with all this positive action. There must come with a disclaimer! I am NOT A DOCTOR. I am just a guy who got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes last year. And for more than six months has got to know I LOT of doctors and the key people in the UK Diabetes world. I also went on a TV programme and managed to get reverse my Type2Diabetes.


    So, at the end of this book for legal reasons there is an in-depth disclosure and disclaimer with lots of terms and conditions.


    This is also now on my website. And on the blog. And it will probably all be pinned to my social media channels as well.


    This is because even though I want to do this for the right reasons I have to protect myself from legal action.


    As said I am NOT a doctor. But my wife (Leanne) works in a local law firm so I have no excuse!


    What about ME and the rest of this book.


    What about You? What about how I reversed my Type 2 Diabetes?

  • Chapter Two.

    The middle and end of the start – always a good time to explain what’s what…

    The Middle. And the The Three Keys.

    The Three Keys.


    As said. I am NOT a doctor nor a scientist. But I am into tech stuff. That’s how I learnt how you can reverse Type2Diabetes. I went online. I read the new research. I worked out on the balance of reasoning that it seemed to be possible. And I acted.


    I am not a spiritualist, nor a nutritionist. But I am into learning new things. About different parts of myself, especially if they are going to help me live longer. And more importantly, for me, to live a life that is worth living for longer.


    For me life is all about the quality of life. It is the act itself – not how long it goes on. This was said by a famous philosopher. And I hate to say it but getting Type2Diabetes has made me more philosophical. Which many of my friends (and associates) would smile about. As philosophy wasn’t something I was known for. I was too busy DOING stuff to be worried about the why I was doing it.


    And this whether I like it or not was part of my problem. I was busy doing stuff. I was busy eating stuff. I was busy thinking stuff. All this stuff. Was part of the problem.


    Going through the process I went through. And reversing Type2Diabetes has made me realise a few things and the importance of each of them. This is NOT a philosophy. This is just in the realm of reversing Type2Diabetes. And this is not a spiritual moment either. These are the things I had to do to get rid of MY Type2Diabetes.


    They are not universal constructs, or guidelines for your future life. Nor are they metaphors for something greater. They are the ways I reversed my Type2Diabetes. Taught to me by those who have researched this condition for decades.


    I have called them The Three Keys. Why?


    Because this is the way I can remember them.


    Remember my memory is going so I must keep things very simple. And to be honest – anyone can make something complex…


    The Three keys are: Body. Mind. And Spirit.

    Which nicely link into how my relationship needed to change with all three. And when I changed this relationship and dynamic, so I became free of Type2Diabetes.The three keys – tie into the three practices.


    These are disciplines and are not easy. But they are easy to learn. They are:


    Body – changing your diet and the way you emotionally connect with food.


    Mind – changing your mind and how you relax and become mindful. Which helps with the above.


    Spirit – changing your power. Where you focus your control and the way you look at the above.


    And then the three rules or mantras:


    Body – Low carb not no carb. And definitely no sugars.


    Mind – Water and sleep – much more than you think.


    Spirit – Exercise – little and often. Every hour, every day.


    This book is all about change. Change for the good. Change in a positive way. Change for the better.

    But don’t get me wrong. Change is hard. But let’s that not stop us from changing.


    What about ME and my why? The what and the how.


    This book is all about change. Change for the good. Change in a positive way. But change is not always seen as good and often can be hard. In fact, some would argue it’s the very reason it is hard. Without the difficulty. Then change wouldn’t occur. And without stepping out of your comfort zone you can’t change and evolved into something more. I don’t know about this.


    What I do know is that if you have Type2Diabetes that you need to change. You don’t want it. It might not be a progressive disease but as a condition the end is still the same. A reduced quality of life.


    So, you must change – and I had to change.


    But I was lucky. I got to change as a friend of a friend was looking for people to be on a TV show. They read a blog I wrote, and I got to change. At an expensive retreat. With professional help and doctors. As my treatment was paid for by myself. Being filmed for 8 hours a day.


    I got to change under the scrutiny of the camera and for the entertainment of Millions of people.


    Maybe you bought this book because of that reason. Maybe you heard me on the radio because of that reason? You could have tweeted me and got a free copy of the book – because you saw the show? Or because your friend shared something about me online? It doesn’t make any difference how you got to here – you are here.


    One of the key things is that if you want to reverse Type2Diabetes is that you read more.


    No bad thing. Reading is a great way to learn more stuff. As the stuff we are learning has got you to where you are now. So, learning different stuff might help you get to somewhere else. That the more you read and the more different stuff you read the better you become. Whilst in the house I read a great blog. All about changing your life. And how do you measure success?


    Which asked THIS great question...


    “Would you rather be someone famous and influential for something that doesn’t matter (like, say, being on a reality TV show.) Or be anonymous and unknown despite working on something that is insanely important. (Like, for instance, researching cures for cancer)?”

    Now this hit home to me during some dark times whilst in the house. As believe you me there were bad times. All revealed in the second part of this book.


    The worst part of being in the house was missing my family and the way I looked at the house. For me it was a posh prison. With only a few inmates. But looking back on it now. I should have loved the experience. It was a time just for me. I got to play more computer games and watch more movies than for about a decade. I got to read. And meditate and take time out for me. But at the time it was the worst of things.

    However, what has come out of it is positive. And I believe in times it was made easier with the space to break out of my old patterns about food. Without the month away, I don’t know if I could have done what I did. I don’t know if you can either.


    However, much of the proven research out there says that people can do it with just will power in their homes alone.


    Amazing if they can and if you do.


    One of the reasons I started this non-for-profit organisation. To help people beat Type2Diabetes. Was the amazing timing of (and then amazing response we got from) the Diabetes Insider. This event for doctors studying diabetes and for professionals helping people with diabetes. And it was held in London. And it happened only a couple of weeks after I left the house. And so, I used the event to see whether this mad plan was really a rather good idea…. Or the end of a bad one.


    The end – which itself - is the new beginning.


    First thing I needed to do was to .... ask people.


    To see whether my mad plan. To cash in my pension pot– and start an organisation to help save people from this condition was crazy or not. Would people want to pay to be rid of this disease or would everyone want the NHS to do so.


    I am a HUGE supporter of the NHS but all I will say is that. If the NHS worked at getting rid of Type2Diabetes then we wouldn’t have so many people with the condition. Which is why I am starting the petition to help bring more change.


    But from running over ideas and businesses in the past. I know that you must GIVE people an option. You must present something to them. You must create something new. So, then the change may come. We cannot rely on governments or massive organisations to do this.


    They are too slow.


    By the time, I had found out how bad my health was. It might have already been too late. It was only the pioneering work of Professor Roy Taylor and the LUCK of being picked to be on a TV show that saved my life. Which means when anyone asks me my WHY.


    That's easy for me.


    As without others – doing something different I would have never made it to pensionable age. So, the world can have my pension money. I am investing it in something different. To make a difference. To grab hold of life. To make a bad thing good.


    As when life gives you lemons…


    You make…. Something that isn’t lemonade. As that stuff is amazingly bad for you if you have can’t process sugars! It’s FULL of sugar. It’s practically just sugar. Now before anyone sues me – this is a joke. It is not just sugar. But the recent sugar tax shows us all that drinks companies might have to change in the new world.


    So, what? And how…


    Your what is easy. It’s what you must do. You have to re-engineer your relationship with what you consume. And how you consume it on a fundamental level. Even how you think about it. How you feel about it. And then how you act around it.


    You must become conscious of what you are doing. The how is harder.


    How you are going to do it. This is up to you. I know HOW I did it. And everyone is different. For some people reading this book – you will not be able to reverse Type2Diabetes. Which breaks my heart to say, but it’s of you it’s true.


    For whatever medical reason. It might even be that you think you have Type2Diabetes. But you don’t. It might be there is a different condition that you have. But it hasn’t been diagnosed or understood yet.


    Either way. And this is key for me. I can only tell you what I did. How I did it. What helped me through. What stopped me from failing. What almost made me fail. I will be 100% honest with you. But I am not a doctor. You cannot take my advice for it. I cannot give you advice. This book is for entertainment only.


    However, if you get entertained by this book enough to research more. To click on links, to change your mind and to ask your doctor more questions. Then to reverse your condition without drugs and without side effects. Saving the NHS billions of pounds.


    Then you my happy reader. YOU are my WHY. Which will delight my seven-year-old daughter Mia. Whom this book is dedicated too. And whom was my original WHY. And to be honest – at the age when she wasn’t too happy all the attention.


    So, thank you – all of you – for what you have taught me and continue to teach me.


    What about YOU what did you teach me?


    Starting this organisation was something I was always going to do. I had already started planning it in my mind before I even entered the house. But what I needed to know so my family and friends might support me.


    Was what did people will Type2Diabetes think about it? What about people like YOU?


    Well. We found out through market research. At first at the DUP Insider. And then through our social media following and online surveys.

    One the greatest joys of this adventure so far (and then crushing disappointments) was the amazing response we got from our market research. And how quickly our social media following grew. All of it happened so fast.


    And because of the great response we could showcase our campaign to the BBC.


    We could get brilliant people on board to help us.


    And I could persuade my wife to let me start the organisation. www.BeFreeOfType2D.co.uk


    We started our market research. And within just one weekend we had the feedback and motivation I needed to begin. On our first website – we had a higher percentage of signups vs traffic than I had ever come across. With higher click through rates. With more people wanting the emails and opening them. And my background is in digital marketing.


    Then we used my digital marketing practice to do a series of social surveys. Around the Type2Diabetes name and then potential investment levels. Both surveys went viral and gained lots of interest.


    Most of it good. But some of it bad.



    By the end we had…


    Over 70,000 impressions on all our social media accounts. With more than 1000 people joining us on Twitter and then on our Facebook group.

    With more than 35% of people saying that they would pay up to £10,000 - £15,000 to be rid of their Type2Diabetes condition. It was amazing to see it all happen.


    Then we did more research on the names of the potential community interest company. And again. The feedback was amazing. This time more than 375 people voted for the different names with Freedom From coming out as a winner. Which is the name of our sister company. Whilst Type2DiabetesFree became our first website. That held the information about the newest research for Type2Diabetes. And BeFreeFromType2D became the site for our retreats and 100 day offering.


    But this is where I made one of my first mistakes. And it was not my last.


    As I had only been diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes for a short time. And didn’t realise the importance of the distinction between the two conditions. Between Type1 and Type2. A school boy error. And I kept saying Diabetes rather than Type2 Diabetes. A mistake the press still makes to this day.


    However, unlike the press we learnt from our mistakes. We changed our name again to show this difference. This was crucial to my understanding and hugely important moment for me.


    As was the next moment… Which was a great learning curve for me too.


  • Chapter Three

    The learning begins. All about Diabetes. And not just Type2.

    What about Diabetes? Dan?


    Why didn’t you KNOW everything from the start?

    Many moments have happened, so I could write this book.
    Not all of them positive at the time. Everything has been a learning curve. With quite a few emotional moments. Many of them involving me being on the television. As I am a bit of a tech geek and media expert... So, I get asked to talk about that on the BBC and on radio quite a lot.


    And it was after decided to start this non for profit that I was given the chance to review the newspapers on the BBC. For BBC Breakfast. On the red sofa. So, finding out about the latest research and findings in America. All about cloning sheep hybrids to enable transplants for people with diabetes. It was a god send.


    It was tech and health and all sorts of clever stuff all together.... And it was a BIG story with lots of people talking about it.


    The main thing for me at the time was that the idea might even provide a cure for Type 1 diabetes. And it just so happened that I could highlight the story on national TV whilst doing the newspaper review.


    But little did I realise the danger of doing so…


    As morally I wasn’t 100% either way. So, I asked people through Twitter to vote.


    The results were “undecided” too. With only 43% saying it’s going too far.

    In fact, only 54% of people weren’t behind the idea with 24% saying we find a cure at ANY cost. So perhaps the scientists have it right and they are on to something. What is amazing is that it can happen at all.


    How does it work?


    A team at Stanford University grew embryos inside a surrogate. For three weeks which had both sheep and human cells. It is the first stage towards growing an unlimited supply of human organs for transplants. The next step is to implant human stem cells into sheep embryos. Which have been genetically modified. So, they cannot grow a pancreas, in the hope that human DNA will fill in the missing code. For people with Type1Diabetes this could be a cure for the disease.


    The people of #Twitter rushed to remind me. How wrong I was.


    Which made me realise TWO things.


    That I know nothing about Type1Diabetes. Compared to other people. Especially those that suffer from it.

    And so, I can only speak about Type2Diabetes. Especially when I go on the BBC. And when I write about it all I ONLY talk from a Type 2 point of view and from my own personal experience.


    I hope that clears that up.


    And for the record - I think it's fine to clone sheep and change them to help saves lives. We kill and eat sheep - all the time.

    And I am very grateful for whomever created us – that I don’t have Type1Diabetes.

    As at present this cannot be reversed unlike Type2.


    What about Diabetes? Stuff you MIGHT already know.


    If you know lots about diabetes. Then feel free to skip this chapter. But if you have only just been diagnosed it’s worth a read to understand it all. As it’s amazing when you investigate the definitions of diabetes. That even with the basics we have conflicting truths or definitions. What’s scary is that this is a condition or disease affecting tens of millions on people. And yet we could be diagnosing people wrongly from the very start.

    I hope we can agree that diabetes. At very least. Is “a group of metabolic disorders in which there are high or low blood sugar levels over a prolonged period.”


    If then gets a bit more complex. As diabetes is due to either the pancreas not producing enough insulin. Or the cells of the body not responding properly to the insulin produced.


    There are three main types of diabetes:


    · Type 1 DM results from the pancreas's failure to produce enough insulin. The cause is unknown.

    · Type 2 DM begins with insulin resistance, where a person’s cells fail to respond to insulin properly

    · Gestational diabetes occurs in pregnant women. Without a previous history develop high blood sugar levels.


    The above is one of the better definitions of Diabetes. Here’s another good one. as it explains the why - which is all around insulin and how our bodies react to it or don’t produce it.


    Diabetes is a disease that affects your body’s ability to produce or use insulin.


    Insulin is a hormone. When your body turns the food, you eat into energy (or glucose). Insulin is released to help transport this energy to the cells. Insulin acts as a “key.” Its chemical message tells the cell to open and receive glucose. If you produce little or no insulin, or are insulin resistant, too much sugar remains in your blood. Blood glucose levels are higher than normal for individuals with diabetes.


    The definition I dislike the most.


    Which is ironic as it is made by the largest charity in the UK dealing with the epidemic is this one:


    “Diabetes is a serious, lifelong condition where your blood glucose level is too high.

    There are two main types, Type 1 and Type 2. They’re different conditions, but they’re both serious.

    There are some other rarer types of diabetes too.”


    I particularly dislike the lifelong condition part of this. As Type2Diabetes in many people can be reversed. Saying it’s lifelong is rather defeatist for a charity that wants to defeat the disease.


    The only part of the DiabetesUK definition I like is that there are rarer types of diabetes too. Which is worth saying – as you might have a different type of diabetes. Than I do. And so, the treatment for you might be different to the treatment for me. The point being is that we are all different. The idea of a one size fits all approach to medicine is wearing thin. And not working for many of us.


    As for many years doctors thought that Type1Diabetes was something associated with childhood. But this is not always the case more than 40% of Britons diagnosed with the condition are over 30. Yet, many of these are diagnosed with type 2. And receiving the wrong treatment can be life-threatening.


    Researchers have found that one in nine of the adults with type 1 diabetes have been admitted to hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis. A potentially fatal condition. That develops when type 1 patients are not given insulin. And it takes on average a year for those who are misdiagnosed to be put on insulin.


    So why does it happen?


    One of the major reasons type 1 goes misdiagnosed is that that there are far fewer cases of it in adulthood. As 96% of adults aged 31 to 60 diagnosed with diabetes have type 2. But the other reason might be as there are more versions of Diabetes than we at first thought. Not surprising as the current classification system “has not been much updated during the past 20 years." Despite calls from expert groups over the years to do so.


    So, there might be from 5 to 100 different types of diabetes – did you know that? I did not. I had much to learn, And I was not alone...


    What about Type2Diabetes? The new stuff.


    More people than ever have diabetes. More people than ever are at risk of Type 2 diabetes. If nothing changes, more than five million people will have diabetes in the UK by 2025.


    Around 90% of people have Type 2 diabetes. Around 10% of people have Type 1 diabetes. As discussed there are also other rarer types of diabetes. Like MODI, monogenic and gestational diabetes.


    This book is only going to talk about Type2Diabetes and how you can reverse it. How I did do that. And what I can teach you from my experience. Much of this is based on the wonderful work from Professor Roy Taylor. Without his work and the work of his colleagues and the people before him I would have died young and never written this book.


    I owe him and science my life. I also owe DiabetesUK as they sponsored the pioneering research. Diabetes UK awarded their largest ever research grant of £2.5 million. To help them find out. If an intensive low-calorie, diet-based, weight management programme could put Type 2 diabetes into remission. And keep it there.


    Professor Roy Taylor at Newcastle University and Professor Mike Lean at the University of Glasgow led the study. I was lucky enough to meet with professor Roy. And learn his lifelong passion for reversing Type2Diabetes.


    The study that DiabetesUK sponsored is called DiRECT. Short for Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial. And may well completely change the way Type 2 diabetes is treated in the future.


    And I am proud to be able to say – that in a small way – I am part of this process.


    The original studies at Newcastle University, were very small. And tested 11 and 30 people with Type 2 diabetes. After eight weeks on the low-calorie diet participants had reduced the amount of fat in their liver and pancreas. This helped them produce insulin again and put their Type 2 diabetes into remission. Some people were still in remission six months after the diet. (I am one of them....) Others have reversed the condition still over several more years!


    From this and many experiences of people reversing Type2Diabetes. Our ITV television programme was made. TheFastFix Diabetes. I was lucky enough to be part of this. You see my diabetes, I believe, was all around how high the fat was in my liver. Yours might be completely different. But that was mine. I only knew this as I had my special scan done at Newcastle University. A process that everyone who comes on our retreats will also get. And I was tested by Roy Taylor and his team after my initial diagnosis.


    This special pioneering MRI scan shows the medical staff what they need to know. For me – it showed that my liver was 27.7% fat! To put that into context a healthy person’s liver without diabetes is around 2 – 3% fat.


    I could have ended up on the doctor’s slab. Dead as a doornail – and they would have only worked out what was wrong with me after the autopsy. Not the way you want to find out something. Not effective for yourself or your family.


    The other reason I had Type2Diabetes was due to my family background. Not only that my dad had the condition- which meant I was twice as likely to get it. But also, that non-white Europeans are up to 6 times more likely to get Type2Daibetes as well.


    Which doesn’t seem fair. Does it?


    Welcome to the world.


    Millions of people are getting Type2Diabetes in the UK. And we need to stop that....


    References from this chapter. More you can investigate.













  • The Rest Of The Book.

    And what it's all about...


    This book is a collection of over a decade’s worth of research, blogs, white papers and findings. Mixed with my own and other peoples success stories all about reversing #Type2Diabetes. Collated by me. Whilst, during and after the filming of the @ITV documentary on Type2Diabetes. #TheFastFix.


    In this book, I detail what I learnt from some of the leading lights in Type2 Diabetes. And how I manage to reverse my own Type2 Diabetes. Along my personal road to recovery.


    A path I would like to take you on...


    However, this book is not a medical book. It is not legal advice. I am not a doctor. It is an entertaining and I hope informative study. Around a condition that is growing into an epidemic around the world.


    Thinking about why it might be happening. What we might be able to do about it. And how I reversed my Type 2 Diabetes


    Through learning about the Three Keys. #The3Keys


    These are the Three Keys:


    Of Body, Mind and Spirit.


    Of Diet, Exercise and Willpower.


    Of Experience, Knowledge and Understanding.


    And I want to pass these the 3 keys onto you.


    It was only with these three keys and the three mantras taught in this book. That I managed to reverse my #Type2Diabetes in less than 100 days.


    And then felt inspired to and start www.befreeoftype2d.co.uk to help people like me do the same. As I believe that if I can reverse #Type2 Diabetes - which I have then - then YOU can too.